Welding Lines

Turnkey project solutions for BiW, Chassis, Bogie, Cabin and Fender parts by Spot, Arc and Ultrasonic Welding Technologies

Assembly Lines

Body Assembly Lines, Marriage Stations, Closures Assembly Lines and Powertrain Assembly Lines

Roller Hemming Stations

Roller Hemming Stations for Closures, Bonnet, Fender parts

Handling & Transfer Systems

Conveyors, Transport Pallets, Skids and Gripper Applications for Assembly Lines, Shipping Lines and Body Lines

Test & Control Fixtures

Control Fixtures, Product Function Test Apparatus

Special Purpose Machines

Automation and Robotic Special Applications designed to Customer Specified Requirements

4 Sector
10,000 Total Area
160 Personnel
18 Export to Country


An organizational culture that can respond to the expectations of relevant parties that have completed the integration of Quality, Occupational Safety and Environment, and that dominates its processes.

High Engineering Infrastructure

Seamless access to modern engineering solutions with its design and analysis software infrastructure and excellent command of its results.

Dedication and Awareness

Human resource management consisting of highly motivated, dedicated, and committed employees with a strong sense of belonging, tailored to sectoral needs and aware of their talents.

Effective Supply Management

Strong domestic and international logistics capability that can transfer this awareness to the supply chain by planning the risks and opportunities in customer expectations.

Our Activities

  • Engineering
  • Machining
  • Robotic
  • Automation
  • Commissioning & Installation
  • Welding

ONS History

  1. First Step

    Kardesler Makina founded

  2. ONS Makina Established

    Grand opening of ONS Makina Sanayi ve Lim. Sti

  3. New Factory

    Current HQ has been established

  4. Robotic Project

    First robotic project was received

  5. First Branch

    New Facility has been established

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